<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/12/54/85/34/30/211110104553.jpg?t=1670410464"><br>This is the Glen Creek with 1500 square feet. You have a new manufactured home with all the upgrades you want. Take our fully interactive 360 virtual tour and see it all. The Glen Creek is built and ready for you to move in. Our new community is under construction and soon to be the beautiful haven you have been looking for. You will rent your home and live in an updated community. The community takes care of the trash, roads, and lawn care. Spend your time enjoying life in the home you deserve. 1st &amp; Security deposit, renter pay utilities (Westport Water &amp; Sewage, Duke Electric, Possibly Center Point) 1 dog/cat &lt;25lbs w deposit. Water/Sewage billed from Park Owner Office 812-663-2255 Call / Text Jennifer 812-662-4018 or Call / Text Christie 812-593-5638<br>